Our range of services is as broad as it is deep. We embrace every facet of the candidate journey and beyond - through to internal comms and brand marketing. Our understanding of the global candidate media map - where to find talent and how to reach out to them, not to mention the analytics to support this - is unrivaled.




There’s been so much written and said about talent, and quite a lot in error, that we thought we would get down on paper, a collective 126 years of experience on the subject. The result is one of the most definitive white papers on Talent - what it is, where it is and how to get it. Want one? Simply complete this form and we’ll email you a copy.




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You’re not alone! Great businesses know the value a great Employer Brand can make to their bottom line. One of the most crucial business assets, an Employer Brand should never been cheesy, or contrived but speak the truth about what makes you a great - if not the greatest, employer! If you want to know what amazing looks like, look at our award-winning Employer Branding work.

That’s only natural! Over 85% of applications are now made online so digital has to be part of any modern Resourcing strategy. Jupiter goes way beyond simply digital advertising and web development, our sister company produces one of the most acclaimed ATS and onboarding products for a truly connected and seamless digital strategy.

Great idea! Your marketing department undoubtedly has a USP for its consumers, it’s time resourcing delivered an equally compelling rationale for why you’re a great place to work. One that preferably avoids the usual clichés and provides clarity and vision, borne from in-depth research and strategic thinking.

Good call! Today’s media market is such a diverse and complex minefield that creative and media planning are essential to maximise your budget and deliver results. Alongside your Employer Branding and EVP development, we ensure that your message is foremost, understood and remembered across the perfect channels for your specific needs.

Then we’re in business! Jupiter has negotiated rates with of the world’s leading recruitment media, and have one of the most experienced media research teams. Whether it’s an offline ‘traditional’ campaign or online - we can find you the best space, rate and campaign strategy.

Smart move! We’ve co-ordinated and created strategies for some of the most respected Graduate employers and possess a deep insight into what attracts and interests this most elusive of employee.

If you’re looking for work that resonates with graduates, has award winning potential, possibly gamification and can direct talent to your website - we have the answers.

Why not?! PR is often a much overlooked part of the talent strategy, yet there is no better way to develop a following, create credible brand messages or generate a following than by outstanding use of HR-PR and social media.

How very perceptive! Insight is everything. It is a platform from which you can begin to implement Employer Responsibility measures. Moreover, it gives Jupiter all the information we need to be able to mirror your true culture back to your people, making sure that your employer comms resonate with the people who see them. And our research doesn’t stop at focus grouping your own, existing employees. It extends to the wider public, helping you to get a full and crystal clear picture of your public reputation as an employer. Research can be as simple as a basis for developing your Employer Brand. Or it can be ongoing and at regular intervals, enabling you to track the success of your culture change initiatives and Employer Responsibility successes.


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